Mad Props was started in the Pacific Northwest by a handful of passionate car enthusiasts to create a digital and physical community centered around spreading positivity.


Mad Props was born after admiring endless cars at different meets or on the street. We wanted to have a way to give props to the owner. Carrying the tools to write handwritten notes was too cumbersome. In the rainy pacific northwest, where we are based, those paper notes wouldn’t last long in most of our weather.


We have seen endless social networks for car enthusiasts fail because they’ve never understood the core of the car community: it lives in the real world. Mad Props is rooted in real life and physical contact, but provides discoverability and permanence through a digital profile.


Positivity and lifting each other up is a core tenant of Mad Props and we will always ensure our platform enables that. Of course, we leave some space for the subtle digs between certain manufacturers or enthusiasts, but in the end we are all a part of one community.