Passing along Mad Props

You just got some Mad props, now what?

Mad Props are meant to be passed along

Each Mad Prop you receive is stored permanently on your profile, so that you can spread the love, by passing the card along.

Add some love

You can add a message or a picture to any Mad Prop you have received for the next person. Just tap it to your phone again.

Add to the story

Every Mad Prop maintains a history of everyone who has given and received it.

Other Questions

Will I get notified when someone scans a Mad Prop I give them?

You bet! We will notify you if someone views the Mad Prop, and we will notify you again if someone joins the club from the prop you gave them.

I passed my Mad Prop along, but it still shows I have one Prop to give.

Mad Props stay associated with your account until another user joins the club from the Mad Prop you gave them.